The Lap Wiggler

The Lap Wiggler

Introducing the ‘Lap Wiggler’

Hey there chaps and chapesses here is another of my creations, what I am calling a ‘lap wiggler’, made entirely from scraps & trash in the wood and scrap metal bin, yes the main plank was a piece of garden decking laying around the garden, the side braces were cleaned up rusty angle iron laying in the garden polished steel from scrap drum hardware. Played on lap and has 10 strings, lowest in middle Eadd9 away from me (e g# b e f# g#), Em toward me (b e g b). Enables major and minor chords.

To hear click below

The 'Lap Wiggler' – a Doog creation

Gepostet von Greenbank Music Village am Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2020

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