PAT testing by Greenbank Music Village -putting your safety first

Health and safety legislation states that all portable electrical equipment (that’s something with a plug on it) must be tested and maintained to a safe standard before being used in a public or work environment.

Although the law is a little vague on this matter, what you will find is that most venues are demanding it for insurance and H & S purposes. PAT (Portable Appliance Test) will cover you for this.
This means that all your gear should really have a current PAT test before you gig, whether it is in schools marquee pubs or anywhere except your private home.
I have heard horror stories of people/bands not allowed to play if you turn up with no little green stickers on their gear.    

To help us all out on this minefield
Greenbank is certified to undertake PAT testing
We offer competitive rates and have no minimum quantities
To keep the costs down we can test your gear here, before or after a rehearsal
Just arrange a time and no matter how much or little you need doing we test
and give you a report for a flat fee of only £2.50 per item.
We test Class I, Class II items and Power Chords!

 Don’t get caught with your PAT’s down – get safe.